Purchasing Ground Rents as an Investment.

Property investments and associated costs are expensive these days, especially with the Government's Section 24 reform. Furthermore, the higher rate tax relief was abolished, and the stamp duty was raised by 3%. It just seems so expensive.However, not every investment is costly. You just have to look into the right ones. A thing that should be noteworthy when it comes to deciding on where to put that money, are ground rents. Specifically, buying them. A common occurrence among landowners today is the setting [...]

Leasehold flats by river in Norwich

What’s the Difference between Freehold and Leasehold?

In the world of UK Property, two of the most common words you will encounter are freehold and leasehold. Most people do not understand the difference between the two, Sell My Ground Rents sell the difference below.Freehold properties:A freehold property typically is a house or bungalow, as the land and building are owned outright – rather than on a lease.Leasehold properties:Flats and apartments are usually leasehold, with the occasional house, which means you own a lease to a property (effectively inside the property) [...]

marriage value leasehold calculation

Leasehold Marriage Value. How is it calculated?

Apportioning value of the property before and after a lease extension.There are so many things you need to learn when buying a freehold or extending a lease. There are many things to be considered, most that a leasehold surveyor or Sell My Ground Rents can help with. One of the things you need to acquire information and actually understand about is the marriage value and how it can affect your investment.A longer lease is more beneficial to a [...]


Are Leaseholders Extending? Or just waiting for Leasehold Reform?

Own freehold ground rents? As you will know leaseholders current face one the most common crossroads, whether you should extend your lease or not. As a landlord you will realise owning freehold properties can be complicated and time consuming. With leasehold reform set to make lease extensions quicker, easier and cheaper - is it still worth owning a freehold?Many leaseholders are holding out, hoping for a quicker, easier and cheaper lease extension under leasehold reform.With a leasehold property leaseholders’ have [...]


What is a Ground Rent?

So what is a ground rent? And why were they created? One of the most common ways of owning a flat, and occasionally houses, around England and Wales is with a long lease. In most cases when the property was built a long lease, of say 99 years, would have been issued including a specified annual ground rent.Ground rents are typically set when a property is first sold, or the lease is extended.It is typically an amount set by [...]