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Who We Are

Sell My Ground Rents are friendly, experienced and professional team of ground rent buyers based in London. We purchase and invest in freehold ground rents, adding to our professionally cared for and managed portfolio.

Our team are well versed freehold valuations and associated leasehold legislation, and are on hand to help.

Our Services

Unlock Equity

Liquidate equity tied up in freeholds that usually can only be realised when leaseholders request to extend their leases.

Best Prices Paid

We make our best offers every time, paying more than flat owners and local investors.

Free Valuations

All freehold valuations are free, whilst we are looking to buy there is no obligation to commit.

Eliminate Property Management

Eliminate the hassle of collecting ground rent, organising insurance and chasing arrears. Sell My Ground Rents will organise and instruct professional property managers.

Swift Solicitors

We have a selection of leasehold expert solicitors on hand to purchase and progress transactions swiftly.

No Maintenance Worries

Stop wasting your time on organising property maintenance, once sold our professional asset management company budget and look after the property.

First Right of Refusal

To help minimise your legal costs when selling, Sell My Ground Rents can offer the first right of refusal to leaseholders by draft and serve section 5 notices on your behalf

Progression Team

We have an in-house progression team to ensure all transactions complete swiftly, organising section 5 notices and overseeing due diligence.

All locations

At Sell My Ground Rents, we value and purchase freeholds throughout the UK (excluding Scotland).

Recent Testimonials

I choose to sell my freehold to Sell My Ground Rents simply due to their team being courteous, communicative and honest. I have sold other freeholds and been chipped, I have now sold a few to Sell My Ground Rents and the price we agree is the price they pay.

Jack Martham

Jack MarthamLandlord - Langport Traders Ltd

Currently I am finishing developing a 8 units development and approached Sell My Ground Rents for a freehold valuation, they have been very helpful providing template leases and recommending the ground rents for the flats. We have already exchanged on a forward sale basis to avoid section 5 notices. I shall be working with them in future.

Clara Halden

Clara HaldenDevelopment Director - SW Invest

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